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Secure-a-Bike. The ultimate in Motorcycle Security, Protection and Storage.  
Secure-a-Bike from Eurosecure
The secure-a-bike ensures that your bike has lifelong protection from the weather and the threat of theft. The Secure-a-bike is made according to the latest manufacturing techniques and is produced from only the best quality materials. Parking your bike was never so easy. You simply ride your bike onto the tray and into the wheel clamp, release the brake and simply push your bike into the secure-a-bike garage. Your bike is hidden from prying eyes and is fully protected from the weather and theft. The best in motorcycle security.
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Secure-A-Bike video Thatcham test of Secure-A-Bike Video from side at the NEC Video from front at the NEC
The ultimate protection for your motorbike. Secure-a-bike .. is not to be confused with other cheaper alternatives. Secure-a-bike offers the best in security design and engineering. Designed to give bikers complete peace of mind, engineered to deter the most persistent thief. The corners and edges of the secure-a-bike garage are constructed from 2mm double folded steel to help protect against theft. The lock is a 4 pin, 6 lever deadlock with a pick- proof cylinder made from hardened steel. The hinges are hidden and welded directly to the sides of the secure-a-bike. Panels are easily constructed with all fastenings on the interior of the secure-a-bike garage. The best in motorcycle security.
  • Fully tested by Thatcham - the Benchmark Organisation of Security in the UK
  • Unique, patented, virtually impregnable
  • Unique trolley and wheel clamp for ease of use
  • Ultra protection from 6 lever 4 pin deadlock

    Known as the ultimate in Motorcycle security, motorcycle protection and motorcycle storage.

    Considered, with its Thatcham certificate, to have a Motorcycle lock to deter all Motorcycle theft.

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  • Free delivery to most areas

    Free Build Up.

    Racer only 2,185  

    Heritage only 2,700

    email or call now 07777643001 sales@secure-a-bike.com



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