Everywhere you look quality shines through, no run of the mill lock here. The doors are secured with a 6 lever 4-pin deadlock, with a pick and drill-proof lock cylinder and hardened steel pins. The concepts of convenience and ease of operation haven't been forgotten either. A support tray running on a needle bearing rollers emerges from the interior and using an integral wheel clamp to hold the front wheel securely (which cancels the need for a side or centre stand). The bike can be locked onto the clamp using a conventional U-bolt or chain. Thatcham's tested the Secure-a-bike and issued a certificate of compliance prompting the insurance companies to offer discounts on their premiums.

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Over the years the Company has invested in leading-edge equipment and has a highly skilled workforce. The International Quality Standard ISO applies to all products manufactured by the Company. Products manufactured by the Company are now installed and working around the globe including places such as Antarctica and the Middle East. The Company operates within a fully computerised environment and can produce 3D concepts through to final production. World Class Manufacturing standards have been applied during the manufacture of the Secure-A-Bike and you can be confident you have a 'World Class Product'. Secure-a-bike is not to be confused with other cheaper enclosures. This is the ultimate in security design and engineering. Designed to give bikers complete peace of mind, engineered to deter the most persistent thief.

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There are six Standard sizes for the Secure-A-Bike including the new garage The Secure-A-Quad.

Please note: A level hard standing base is required for all the above. All dimensions are in millimetres.

Fully tested by Thatcham - the Benchmark Organisation of Security in the UK
Unique, patented, virtually impregnable
Unique trolley and wheel clamp for ease of use. Ultra protection from 6 lever 4 pin deadlock.

Laser Cutting


The Secure-A-Bike is manufactured from 2mm and 1.5 galvanization sheet steel panels. The sheet is blanked out using CNC laser cutting machinery and folded into very strong panels using CNC press brakes. The latest technology is used to provide consistently accurate fabrications for our customers. All edges are 'returned' to provide strength and make all panel to panel joints secure from ingress by other tools or water. Doors are reinforced for strength and to prevent tampering with the robust locking devices, again all edges are 'returned' for safety and security.

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The support tray is fabricated from 2.5mm sheet steel folded to a strong rigid shape.


The front-wheel clamp acts to hold the front wheel of the motorbike so that the centre/side stands are not required.


The motorbike can be locked onto the front wheel clamp using a conventional 'U' bolt.


The trolley is well suited to sites that are short of space.



The lock is a 6 lever 4 pin deadlock. The lock cylinder is drill and pick proof and all the pins are manufactured from hardened steel. Added deadbolts are of similar construction.


All securing bolts are 'secure head' fixings needing specialist tools to remove them. Hinges are heavy duty 'dogged' and have additional strengthening and are welded directly to the main construction.


Heavy-duty fastenings are used throughout to secure all of the panels.

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Special colours can be provided. The standard colour is dark green.


The tough and durable polyester powder coating provides excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties, with hard durable finishes giving good resistance to light and weather.