Does it need planning permission?

The Secure-A-Bike Garage is not a permanent structure therefore it needs no planning permission. However, if you intend to install the Secure-A-Bike unit in the front garden, it would be in your own interest to contact your local planning department to confirm that you are not contravening any local planning laws.

If I move can I take it with me?

Yes! It will take about an hour to disassemble and about an hour and a half to reassemble. You will need a friend to help you; it takes two people to handle the panels. We had one customer who moved his three times in one year.

What does it weigh?

The Racer weighs 350 kilos and the Heritage weighs 500 kilos fully assembled.

Will it effect my insurance?

Yes! The Secure-A-Bike Garage is the only Q class product that was given a certificate of compliance by Thatcham. All insurance companies recognise it as a secure garage even those who specify a brick garage. Many of the companies also recognise it as an additional security device and a ground anchor.

How long is it with the ramp fully extended?

If you double the length of the unit you will have more than enough room i.e. for the Racer the length is 2440mm so leave 4880mm. 

Do I need a side or centre stand?

No! You don't need any kind of stand. The bike is held securely in the wheel clamp. The front wheel sits snugly into the clamp and is held by the tyre. The motorbike is kept solidly upright preventing accidental damage.

Will it suffer from condensation?

The Secure-A-Bike has sixteen air vents giving natural convection. This helps combat condensation. Some customers have added thin polystyrene sheets to the unit as a thermal barrier or have added a low voltage greenhouse radiator to keep their bikes warm and free from condensation.

What kind of surface do I need?

You will need a good flat and level surface (e.g. stone slabs, tarmac etc.) Please remember a level surface is best.

How do I order?

Simple! Just phone or order online we will take your details, the model you require and deposit. You can pay the balance on delivery. We usually guarantee delivery within 28 days, but in reality, it is usually a lot quicker than this. We will arrange with you a convenient date and time and our delivery team will phone you when they are one hour away.