Because a picture often paints a thousand words, here are some pictures of the secure-a-bike


The lock is a 6 lever 4 pin deadlock. The lock cylinder is drill and pick proof and all the pins are manufactured from hardened steel.

The support tray is fabricated from 2.5mm sheet steel folded to a strong rigid shape. The front-wheel clamp acts to hold the front wheel of the motorbike so that the centre/side stands are not required.

The tough and durable polyester powder coating provides excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties, with hard durable finishes giving good resistance to light and weather.

The motorbike can be locked onto the front wheel clamp using a conventional 'U' bolt.

All edges are 'returned' to provide strength and make all panel to panel joints secure from ingress by other tools or water. Doors are reinforced for strength and to prevent tampering with the robust locking devices, again all edges are 'returned' for safety and security.


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secure-a-bike in action

Thatcham test on secure-a-bike

secure-a-bike in action